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About FANUC FANUC CNC system repair and maintenance explanation

About FANUC FANUC CNC system repair and maintenance: (Foshan Chuangchi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.) FANUC FANUC machine tool repair, FANUC CNC system repair, FANUC FANUC CNC system controller repair service provider. If you need other FANUC parts repair, please call our company. Professionally provide FANUC (Fanuc) CNC system component maintenance. Professional FANUC (FANUC) maintenance test platform for professional FANUC CNC system component maintenance. Foshan Chuangchi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional repair company for industrial equipment circuit boards and chip-level repairs. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, sales and service. As a high-tech enterprise leading the market with technological innovation, Chuangchi Electromechanical Equipment pays special attention to the absorption and training of talents. The company has nearly 20 senior engineers. The company's service scope includes: Siemens, Kobe, Barmag, AB, LG, ABB, Meidensha, Danfoss, Lenze, Fuji, Sanken, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Omron, Schneider, Ryan, LUST, SEW, Baomi Le and other high and low voltage inverters, FANUC CNC repairs, CNC CNC system repairs, industrial control equipment, inverters, DC drives, servo PLCs, touch screens and other automated industrial control products repair. How to troubleshoot the external electromagnetic induction interference of the inverter? (1) The necessity of eliminating interference sources In the internal circuit of the inverter, although certain anti-interference measures are set and taken, due to the large difference in the working environment of the inverter, the anti-interference measures of various types of inverters are not exactly the same, so It is very important to take noise suppression measures outside the inverter to eliminate the source of interference. (2) Methods to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference In order to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference that causes the control loop of the variable frequency speed regulation system to malfunction, the following methods can usually be used: ① If there are some measures for contact control appliances (such as relays, contactors, circuit breakers, etc.) around the inverter working environment, the control coils should be connected in parallel to prevent surge current absorption components or devices ② In order to prevent interference from the power input of the inverter, an input filter should be installed at the power input of the inverter. ③For control circuits requiring shielded cables, reliable shielding and grounding must be conducted in accordance with regulations: the grounding terminal of the inverter must also be connected to a safe and reliable point grounding wire in accordance with regulations. ④ Shorten the cable distance between the inverter control circuits as much as possible, and isolate it from the inverter power supply and output main lines How does the spike voltage affect the motor in the variable frequency speed regulation system The output voltage of the inverter contains high-order harmonic impulse voltage (1) Diminishing strength Used in motor coils, it will reduce the insulation strength of the motor coil windings, especially the PWM control type inverter is more obvious. (2) Coil insulation damage is the output voltage waveform of the inverter when there is no filter. There is an obvious impulse voltage at the rising edge of the inverter output voltage waveform. If suppression measures are not taken, it is easy to cause damage to the motor coil insulation. How to avoid the impact of the peak voltage formed by the high-frequency switch on the motor? (1) Treatment method In order to prevent the premature aging of the insulation of the motor coil or damage to the motor and frequency converter, it is usually possible to provide a method of adding an output reactor to reduce the high-order harmonic impulse voltage on the motor terminal pin. For PwM type inverters, a filter should also be installed on the voltage input side of the motor. Filter added (2) Problems that need to be explained. The method of installing a filter on the voltage input side of the motor When the cable between the frequency converter and the motor is long, although the output reactor can reduce the peak load current, the output reactor cannot reduce the transient voltage peak on the motor terminal. Therefore, be sure to shorten the length of the cable between the inverter and the motor as much as possible.

Fanuc Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

Fanuc Fanuc Servo Motor Repair Common faults of servo motors are as follows: 1. Encoder failure: The encoder is the core component of the servo motor and is also a vulnerable part. Shanghai Zuoqing can repair and replace the servo motor, and use advanced inspection equipment imported from the United States to perform visual zero calibration to ensure the zero position of the encoder Reach the original factory standard to ensure that the original electrical performance of the servo motor is not damaged. 2. Brake failure: In certain occasions, the brake of the servo motor is required to assist the brake. The brake is a consumable product. Shanghai Zuoqing can provide personalized solutions according to the degree of damage to the servo motor. 3. Coil failure: The coil of the servo motor may burn out when the motor is overheated or improperly used. Shanghai Zuoqing can rewind the coil of the servo motor to make the motor achieve the same original performance. 4. Rotor failure: The rotor of the servo motor is a permanent magnet. Shanghai Zuoqing can magnetize the rotor of the servo motor or replace the magnet. 5. Bearing failure: The bearing is a wear and tear of the servo motor and needs to be replaced after a certain period of use. Shanghai Zuoqing has advanced bearing diagnosis equipment that can calibrate the condition of the bearing and the accuracy after replacement. 6. Mechanical failure: If the servo motor is used improperly, its output shaft may be mechanically worn. Shanghai Zuoqing can repair and replace the servo motor output shaft and other parts to make it reach the original factory standard. ,,,,,,, Foshan Chuangchi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the sales of FANUC and MITSUBISHI CNC machine control system accessories. At the same time, it provides customers with CNC equipment maintenance, fanuc servo motor repair, and Fanuc CNC System repair, FANUC servo drive repair, FANUC servo motor repair, FANUC system accessories, Mitsubishi CNC system repair, FANUC electronic circuit board repair, Mitsubishi servo drive repair, Mitsubishi servo motor repair, CNC machine tool repair, CNC machine maintenance telephone: 0757-85924952
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